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 Building and Architectural Engineering

Building and Architectural Engineering


Introduction to Building Construction
Construction Costs and Estimating
Cost Engineering
Construction Planning and Scheduling
Architectural Structures
Design of Masonry Structures
Architectural Engineering Orientation
Architectural Engineering Concepts
Environmental Control Systems
Architectural Building Materials
Working Drawings
Independent Studies
Introduction to Structural Analysis
Architectural Acoustics
Fundamentals of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning
Fundamentals of Electrical and Illumination Systems for Building
Building Industry


Design of Steel and Wood Structures for Buildings
Design of Concrete Structures for Buildings
Advanced Steel Design for Buildings
Building Structural Systems in Steel and Concrete
Architectural Structural Systems
Indeterminate Structures
Advanced Concrete Design for Buildings
Design of Masonry Structures
Modern Structural Systems
Micro CADD Applications for Buildings
Solar Energy Building System Design
HVAC Control Systems
Advanced Architectural Acoustics and Noise Control
Architectural Illumination Systems & Design
Computer Aided Lighting Design
Residential Building Design and Construction
Comprehensive Architectural Engineering Senior Project

Course Fee: $ 12500

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